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I hope to speak to the youth and let them know your not alone and Its never too late to have hope. Filling the gap between low self esteem and success. Whats your identity?

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Are you blind deaf or dumb?


Are you blind deaf or dumb you must be one of each
Because I don’t understand, why you would do this to me
Its been oh so long but you ruined it
Because you must be blind deaf or dumb

You never hear the words I’m saying
You never speak what’s in your mind
You never see from my point of view
Its like your stuck in time

You never heard my screams of pain
You never saw the signs
Its like you have forgotten me
A memory in the back of your mind

I just want you to see me for who I am
Just listen close to the words I’m saying
And say how you feel!


Fighting Words


Fighting words are defined as written or spoken words, generally expressed to incite hatred or violence from their target. Words hurt, no matter what people say words hurt. The whole stick & stones saying is highly untrue. We need to use our words with purpose, your words could be worse than a knife to the heart. The wound from a knife will heal, but words can life forever. Just because you and your best friend aren’t friends anymore doesn’t mean you talk badly about them all over Facebook and twitter. If fighting words are thrown at you it doesn’t mean you have to react, reacting is exactly what the person wants. If more youth would learn to walk away im sure many deaths would be prevented. This whole imma gangster, im tough thing is outta control, be smart and know when to back down. Its better to run away and live to fight another day, than have you mom crying at your funeral. Choices can kill, you choose wisely. Remember words have power, how will you use it?


Your Words Matter


One compliment can brighten someones day more than you know. Society needs to learn to be more caring to to her around us. emotions are important to everyone, so why not make everyone feel good about themselves. Compliment lets the other person know that you cared enough to look at them. Compliments can fill a void for other who have boy image issues or insecurities. Just say “you look nice” to someone every now and then you never know how powerful it is. Remember if you have nothing good to say don’t say  anything at all, why hurt someones self esteem if you don’t have to. Your compliment could be what stops that person from committing suicide or cutting themselves.


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