Identity Revolution Project

I hope to speak to the youth and let them know your not alone and Its never too late to have hope. Filling the gap between low self esteem and success. Whats your identity?

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Resist the temptation don’t let this be that “one time”
Have a little patience and wait till you meet the right one
Giving away your innocence so easily is not honorable
Please young men and women keep your eyes pure because sex isn’t going anywhere it will be around for a very long time there is no rush
The next time your ready to just “strip down” like most songs and the radio tell you to do just remember your giving away a piece of you
How much will be left when you find your true love?


Time Management


Organizing and managing time is very important, this will keep you from feeling stressed out. Even I have not master this fundamental skill as yet. Plan what you will have in your day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by everything. Put reminders everywhere, like your calendar, your phone or even the fridge. being organized had many benefits. You will look very professional, it will save you time, life will feel like its running smoother, your stress level will decrease, you wont miss appointments, and you’ll always be on time. Being on time comes in handy when you get into the work world. I mean if your late it looks really bad on you as a worker, some workplaces wont let you in if your late, so take time management very seriously. Ever wonder why I’m so tired or do you find yourself saying “I have so much to do”, well if you organize everything it wont feel that way, you will feel more in control of your life. I will be taking this tip for myself and applying to my life, I hope you do the same. Be You, Be Happy, Control your time.

Quote of the Day 3/23/12…

Quote of the Day 3/23/12

“Listen! Encourage. Say something. Do something. Be yourself. Love” – Unknown

Natures Reflection


We as people can learn a lot from nature. Its calming, relaxing, and almost effortlessly look beautiful. It can also be mean and dangerous in just a few seconds, but even in a major storm there is still calmness in the eye. No matter how crazy or dangerous or weird nature get it still always has a calm to  it. We as people need to learn to be calm and reflect on ourselves. Even though you family is barley making it by and your brothers in jail and your grades are falling or whatever bad situation you end up in you still need to be calm. When you calm you can reflect and try not the make the same mistakes again, when your calm you watch the end of the world happen right before your eye but still have hope that you will be okay. When your calm life doesn’t seem so bad, your just glad to be alive. When all things are falling apart remember even a tornado has a calm spot, and you can have one too. Find that place that makes you happy, this way your stress wont overpower you can you can be calm. Just like global warming makes things hotter, your stress can burn you up, but being calm will cool you down, and keep you focused.

C – collective

A – apprehensible

L – logical

M – medicine to you

Quote of the Day 3/15/12

” LIFE… It’s about dancing in the rain, taking a chance, and being HAPPY!” – Unknown



Don’t take education for granted just because its free here in north America. There is no reason to leave school for silly reason when your education is free. there are many children in other parts of the world who would love to be able to go to school for free. This “i can do whatever” attitude needs to stop. If you don’t soak up the knowledge you have now then University and college are gonna be very challenging. Jobs are becoming harder to get especially if you don’t have higher education. We as youth need to increase the graduation rate and not decrease. There should be 0 high school dropouts, this is all craziness. You have to be crazy if you think your going to be successful without education. Education is key to success. Never forget you cant reach your dreams if you don’t know how high up they are.

The 4 M Masks


Teens hide using different masks the main ones are the Mean, Meaningless, Multi, Manipulative masks. 


The Mean Mask –

This is mask is mainly used to hide true emotions, deep hurt, and insecurities. Being confronted by someone isn’t easy, especially for out fragile egos. If someone like you but others disapprove of you being involved with them, the mean mask comes into play. Instead of gently saying “I’m sorry we cant be together” the mean mask takes over and your words become vile and evil. “Faggot”, “ugly”, “Asshole”, “bitch”, “Cunt”, and “Whore” are just some of the few word this mask likes to use. Instead of releasing true feeling some teens find it much easier to use this mask and humiliate others to mask their own feelings. The positives of this mask it that you might get other to follow you and have a feeling of dominance. The negatives of this mask is that it lead to you having few friends and cause other to strongly dislike you.


The Meaningless Mask

This mask it also used to hide true emotions, cope with life, and a possible result of low self esteem. The whole careless attitude is what this mask embodies. When life gets ruff sometime our way of deal with it is to pretend not to care. It help to life some of the weight off our shoulders. If your in a deep relationship but your scared to put your self out there, this mask is perfect. the person who cares the least controls the relationship. If you feel like you failing at life and are good for nothing then acting like you don’t care and everything is meaningless helps you once again to cope with life. If you decided to take responsibility for your actions it would be too much so be go into the meaningless mask to hide these feelings. The positives of this mask is that other will find you chill and cool because nothing bothers you. The negatives of this mask is that you can lose people closest to know because you don’t show how you feel.


The Multi Mask

This mask is used to fit in to any “social’ group and fulfill inner desires. Using the “Multi” mask makes you that person that changes into 5 different people within 5 minutes. The mask helps you to take on any and every role all at once. The positives to this i that you can join any social group, you can be the stereotypical jock, nerd or cool kid all in one day. The negatives of this mask is that you can become known as fake or a bitch because you change really fast. You could go from “shes so stupid”, “why is he with her” to “Shes so pretty”, to “i really need to study” in just one conversation. This mask helps to let out inner desires that you want to fulfill but please others around you at the same time. This mask is the most dangerous of all because it has the highest possible tendency to lead to depression. Having conflict between all the different people you want to be, can also drive a person mad. Be careful when using this mask.


The Manipulative mask –

This mask is used to have a sense of “control” and to fulfill desires. If you have ever been taken advantage of then this mask is perfect for you. Using other people to get what you want becomes very amusing once you put this mask on. If feelings get hurt, lives get ruined, relationships destroyed you could careless as long as you get what you want. Letting out what we want top do, aside from what we should do is a huge battle teens face everyday, this mask just makes it a bit easier. The positives of this mask if you get lots of information on other and you get what you want. The negatives of this mask is ending up alone or possibly not being able to really function in a true relationship.


Each mask has a different part of another but some are more convenient in different situations. We hide behind different masks each day. Which one are you wearing?

We got the power….

Live you dreams they say. Well its true find what you love and go for it, Live the life you’ve always wanted. We teenagers have more power than we think. The media, the celebrities and the networks are all controlled by us. We have the power, we can take down any singer we want by not supporting them. We can also shoot anyone to fame who we decided is cool. Shows and movies are created based on we like, networks look for views. If we don’t like something and don’t watch it, then it gets taken off the air. We control social media, without us no one would know that Facebook or twitter exist. We need to realize the power our generation has. there is no excuse for failure anymore. if your depressed get help, if your lonely keep looking for that special friend, if your going through a rough time remember it will get better. We need to take control of our live and stop saying ” I wish I could be successful.” We need to change our attitude to “I will be successful.” remember be you, find what you love and go for it. We got the power.

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