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I hope to speak to the youth and let them know your not alone and Its never too late to have hope. Filling the gap between low self esteem and success. Whats your identity?

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“You know you’r…

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr. Seuss


“If you think n…

“If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of payments.”~Earl Wilson

Quote Of the Day



That slut has a heart just like you
That murderer has family like you
That thief was just hungry like you
That nerd is very caring
That misfit has feeling too
Its sad see when our world will judge you without even knowing you
Look past the evil in other and see the good
It will show the good in you and give you a better view of life
Don’t judge just try to understand
Put yourself in that persons shoes
Have a little empathy



What hiding behind that perfect smile? Nothing to hide or so much to hide? A smile is always there when you need to get someone off your trail, to lead to a place of false stability about your happiness. A smile can lead you into trouble, but it can also lead you out. A smile says I agree I’m happy, but behind the smile is something more of a mystery. You never truly know what’s behind that smile. That smile you’ve come to know, that grin that lights up your soul, that smirk that makes you giggle and glow. The height of a smile is steep, I don’t think were ready to climb that mountain yet so let’s leave it as it. A mystery….

Mission Not Impossible


Love has been a word that is multicultural. It was been a song everyone can sing to. A feeling everyone had felt at time or another. This feeling of love it’s built into our souls. To find that person complements you, helps you, and care for you, is a mission we must all complete. Some missions are longer for some than other. The key is to never give up trying to find that love. Once you do find it, your life WILL be changed. Always remember the Spirit of love is joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. Once you have found these qualities you have found real love.

Faith & Protection


You can have protection, when your in his section.

He keeps you safe in all your days.

Hope-ing to bring ablaze your faith.

He is the one to have close by.

Then you wont have to tell life good bye.

Because your a star in his eye.

He’ll keep you from the high tide, anchoring you with his love.

He will abide keeping you safe in all your days.

You can have protection, when your in his section.



In the new age of 2012 iPhone’s seem to be taking over. With the takeover, it comes with people acting more like machines and the phone acting smarter than some people. It really amazing how technology has grown so fast, but does this mean we will soon not need to do much of anything. We already take so much for granted, soon we will be to lazy to dial a number and just tell the phone to dial it. We are behaving just like a phone now. We need different people to access different parts of us like apps on a phone. We need mommy to bring out the kindness, daddy to being out the sternness, best friend to bring out the confidence, and bully to bring out the anger in us. We need to act like we have control of ourselves and stop relying on others to being out different sides of ourselves. We need to remember we are individuals that what the i in iPhone stand for. We need to have an i-life. Have your own individual life and make it great. You should be bringing out the best in others with your skills. But we wont gain any skills if we keep letting the Phone or the laptop or the tablet or the i pad distract us from being a true individual. Remember your the only you there will ever be. Be original. Be unique.

Be The Perfect Sunset


This summer, this night, this hour, this minute, be the perfect sunset. A sunset brings happiness and a smile to everyone. Be that star that sun’s rays that will make someone smile. Life has too many missed appointments, too many disappointments, too many awful situations for you to be a hindrance in someone else’s path. There is no time to be selfish and hateful, there is only space for love. Be a perfect sunset that will make someone smile. Be that person that gives someone the strength to walk one for mile. Be you. Be encouraging.

Be Happy, Stay Happy


As soon as you find a happy moment in your life, others are waiting to ruin. Ever have a nice day only to have it ruined? Well let me tell you we still have control of our lives and no one can take or joy unless we let them. When that bad news comes after a good day tell yourself “its only life.” When you remember its only life you won’t stress yourself out too much. Just know life will be like this as long as you live so the faster you learn to deal with things like this the better. Let no one take your joy. Be happy. Stay happy.



Find what you love and do it! Get experience as soon as possible. I love to be on stage and i now have lots of experience but that did not come by me just sitting down. You must take ACTION! Life is about the here and now not tomorrow. All you have is today, this minute and this second. Use that time to gain experience on the things you love. Maybe you can use this time to go and learn more about cars, or computers or whatever is it hat you like. Be happy to be alive and get experience on what you love so that you can get better at it. Experience will get you far. get some today! Right now!

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