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I hope to speak to the youth and let them know your not alone and Its never too late to have hope. Filling the gap between low self esteem and success. Whats your identity?

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Be The Perfect Sunset


This summer, this night, this hour, this minute, be the perfect sunset. A sunset brings happiness and a smile to everyone. Be that star that sun’s rays that will make someone smile. Life has too many missed appointments, too many disappointments, too many awful situations for you to be a hindrance in someone else’s path. There is no time to be selfish and hateful, there is only space for love. Be a perfect sunset that will make someone smile. Be that person that gives someone the strength to walk one for mile. Be you. Be encouraging.


New You?


There’s nothing wrong with trying out new things or a new you. If your always grumpy why not try and be that positive person today. Try on new clothes, new wigs, new colors, new relationships,a new life. Why not aim to be a better you than you were yesterday. You can be that new positive figure in someone’s life. Give a compliment, shake a hand, say hi to someone new. Take chances and find new things you enjoy. Make and goal and accomplish it this year. This is the year to become a better person a better you. Try a new you. Remember stay original. And above all Be You.

Mixed Emotions


Jumping out a window, delivering a baby, punching a murderer and falling off your bike. These would all be mixed emotions if they happened in the same day. Life is like that sometimes. You have different things thrown at you from every angle and every emotion, that you just don’t know what to do with yourself you question everything and wonder what to do. Let me tell u what to do, LET OUT YOUR EMOTIONS! Keeping them inside will do you no good, punch a stuffed doll if your angry, write a poem if your sad. Do what you can to let you emotion out or they will overwhelm you. Life is a firework with many sparks just get rid of them one by one. Be strong. Be empowered. Be smart.

Be Happy, Stay Happy


As soon as you find a happy moment in your life, others are waiting to ruin. Ever have a nice day only to have it ruined? Well let me tell you we still have control of our lives and no one can take or joy unless we let them. When that bad news comes after a good day tell yourself “its only life.” When you remember its only life you won’t stress yourself out too much. Just know life will be like this as long as you live so the faster you learn to deal with things like this the better. Let no one take your joy. Be happy. Stay happy.

Quote Of The Day 4/30/12…

Quote Of The Day 4/30/12

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness.  You have to catch it yourself.  ~Author unknown



Find what you love and do it! Get experience as soon as possible. I love to be on stage and i now have lots of experience but that did not come by me just sitting down. You must take ACTION! Life is about the here and now not tomorrow. All you have is today, this minute and this second. Use that time to gain experience on the things you love. Maybe you can use this time to go and learn more about cars, or computers or whatever is it hat you like. Be happy to be alive and get experience on what you love so that you can get better at it. Experience will get you far. get some today! Right now!

Quote Of the Day 4/19/12…

Quote Of the Day 4/19/12

Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes along.  ~Samuel Butler



Its something everyone does, but don’t enjoy it took much. Unless you want a trails of broke heats, broken families and broken relationship then stop lying. Lying leads you into a maze, a maze of lies. One lie leads to 5 more, which lead to 5 move each until a huge web of lies. Do no lie if you can avoid it. Its better to tell the truth than lie, i know some people cant handle the truth but that doesn’t mean you lie about it, a lie can cut deeper than the truth. Lying is a gift if used properly it can get you out of bad situations but it can also lead you into one or turn your world upside down. Innocent people get locked up everyday because of lairs. Some people have perfected lying, until they themselves become a lie. Others cannot lie or are very bad at it. I suggest you don’t lie EVER it will save you lots of trouble. Instead of lying just don’t answer silence says a lot.

Quote of the Day 4/16/12

“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”
Elena Gorokhova, A Mountain of Crumbs: A Memoir

Be A Light


Be a light to someone else. If you know something share it with others, don’t keep it to yourself. We as humans love to have knowledge, we keep finding new ways to get smarter and teach better. when you learn a new skill or talent don’t keep it to yourself share it or teach someone else. You helping that one person helps society on a larger scale. If everyone went out ans shared what they had we would all be more talented and educated than nothing we could learn at school. Experience brings knowledge so share them. Don’t be selfish, be selfless. Be a light.

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